Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Okay, so I haven't left yet.

Im Taylor Warren. I'm a ~*~model~*~. (o_0) For all of those who don't know and wish to care, that is.

I'm with NYModel Management. I have been with them (on and off) since I was 15. I've been to Milan and to Korea. (Milan for two months. Korea for 4 days.) I don't really have the desire to leave NYC, but Im going to Tokyo for two months.

But getting there is kind of complicated. I have to apply for a visa. I have to find out how to get my phone to work while Im gone. Apparently, I have to get traveler's insurance. I have to find enough quarters to do laundry, Im running out of clean underthings. I have to go home upstate before I leave to say hi and bye to my family. I have to pack up ALL of my things. The day after our lease is up, I'm leaving for Japan. I also have to continue on castings and jobs and b.s. while I'm still in NYC. There really aren't enough days in the week. I wish I had a clone.


So, I guess there's not that much to say until I get to Tokyo. Once I'm there I'll buy a digital camera (**shudddddder. I only have film cameras, but that would make it that much more difficult to document) because I can only assume it will be a tad bit cheaper. It will also be one less thing that I could potentially lose on the way there. It should be fun, I've never been. I haven't lived in a model apartment in YEARS. I don't eat or like sushi. Or speak japanese. And I'll be leaving my boyfriend (boo f'ing hoo). Whatever. This is the life I've wanted, right?