Friday, October 26, 2007

Choto boring!

This blog seemed like such a bad ass idea because I'm in tokyo and its so f'ing interesting here, but let me tell you something;

I spend all day in a navy blue van. With up to 6 other models. Just driving around going to castings, whizzing by cool stuff like the tokyo tower, the imperial palace, harajuku, whatever. But its not like I'm even really here. I could be in tel aviv for all I know because its just

van- castings -van - castings - mcdonalds - tully's - starbucks - van - castings - home - sleep - bagel and bagel - van - ... and getting home maybe by 7 or 8 pm if ya lucky.


I went into a convenience store to buy some hair bands. Simple enough, right?

On the package it says 'hair gum'. Dear gosh I love this place.

I open it up, and I end up with a string of elastic about 4 feet long? maybe Im exaggerating, but this was not a hair tie, hair band, hair whatever...

whoa no make up!

So I take a butter knife and gnaw the shit out of it until it becomes a useable length, knot it up, and pull back my hair. Way annoying.

And what the crap part of it all is that I could be documenting all of this lovelyness, but I cannot do that until I have a digital camera. And that's where the weekend comes in!! Because today is FRIDAY! I have nada to do. I did go into harajuku today after my castings. It was fab and raining. And someone stole my umbrella....

I bought myself a $30 beret. I can admit that it was a tad bit unnecessary. But whatever. Oh and some glittery heart sunglasses because I'm a dork. I went into what was technically a 'vintage' store. But most of their stock wasn't.

Kawaii, ne?

I also got a little something that might end up being a present for the boytoy or a present for myself. So I wont post it.

I also bough sara a pretty perverted gift. I love Tokyo if only for one thing, its the repressed but pretty obvious sexual thing they have going on. And being that I'm kind of a closet pervert, its really giving me the giggles.

There's a store called condomania right by the harajuku station. Where I also bought a present. haha. ITS AMAZING! I can't post that either because its a f'ing gift too.

Oh yeah alex, that one is for you!

=( As soon as I have a digital camera I will take you all around town with me. Ohhh yeah.

I'll leave you with a little something that I do everyday that brings me that much more closer to ny;

Im too skinny for tokyo catalogues. Im beginning to get kind of pissed. So today I wore an underwire bra.

So really I guess Im leaving you with the fact that I wore agent provocateur today, not my big mac. Take your pick.

hugs kisses and apologies because I'm pretty sure we're all sick of the iphotobooth photos.


Danni said...

Bwahhhh, I want to wear Agent P!

Susanna said...

Can't believe they think you're too skinny! Japan is the place where they told *Elyse* that she needed to lose a little to stay "kawaii." (She ignored them.)

Glasses wa daisuki, ne!

lisahart said...

yo, i lived in japan for three years. if you have questions ask me. damn hair ties..... x

Edgar said...

Cute sunglasses! They fit you perfectly =)

Anonymous said...

Tay-Tell us what crazy Japanese stuff is on the menu at McD's!!
Anything with seaweed or wasabi?

Sheri said...

that hair gum is a bit strange..

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they don't have regular hair ties...what the hell...LMAO

Anonymous said...

in a strange way those sunglasses really work with that beret =)

Anonymous said...

yay for the update!... how are you so cool? haha @ your ...what am i supposed to do with this hair thing face? that sounds pretty nice being driven around... castings all dayyy sounds exhausting

youre still a stunner without makeup

i hope you get tons of work

Anonymous said...

agent over big macs 24/7 & I know where of I speaking ;)

Genevieve said...

You're so cute! I love the iphotobooth pics. i love that you eat big macs daily but are too skinny for catalog!! love it! love you!!

Anonymous said...

i think you've done pretty good with the iphotobooth :)

you really like japan that much? is it the country? the people? certainly not the congestion. is it?

Anne-Marie said...

Great updates 80) I'm happy you get to play on the weekends! Thats awesome you eat McD's everyday and stay soooo skinny! wtf?!
My friend was living in Japan for a couple years and he sent me some wierd shit like Kiwi flavored Kit Kats!?? I don't know what thats about over

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