Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 1. Done.

Okay now. As soon as I got off the plane, I had a cigarette. Long story short, I met my agency in Tokyo where as soon as we exchanged greetings they threw me in a van with 3 other girls and I was off to my first two castings...after a 14 hour flight, no shower, no hair brushing, no nothing.

Castings here consist of getting out of the van.
Going into the casting where
youre 'manager' apparenty hypes the shit out of you
while the client looks at your book
and you stand there smiling, or fidgeting, or whatever.
hi thank you try some stuff on or bye.

Im then brought to my temporary apartment that looks questionable and smells really weird. I cannot get internet, I dont have a phone, but I do have an ashtray.

I wander around Ropongi looking for an internet cafe. I got starbucks. Coffee is REALLY overpriced here, but cigarettes are only 300yen appx $5!


I ask if I can get internet at starbucks. NO!
Go into mcdonalds, go upstairs....there are ashtrays. There. are. people. smoking. inside. macky d's. Im pretty much in heaven. I not so much sit down and open my computer when some mcd employee runs over to me jabbering about how I can't be in there with a starbucks cup. Im all like "okay, I'll throw it out, no big fucking deal." And he picks up the cup and in half japanese half whatever tells me its still full. Ookaaay. So I leave feeling really emabarassed.

I just got kicked out of a mcdonalds.

I find an internet cafe after about an hour. I cant use my own computer. Each person gets a cubby. A cubby and an ashtray. Horrah horrah, one more place I can smoke inside. While at my computer with half the letters rubbed off the keys, all I can think of is how at 11 pm and all these dudes in their cubbies and how they're probably looking at porn and you-know-whating. (o_0)

I go home. Take a sleepy pill and try to sleep against the smell. Fine.

Wake up, go to bagel and bagel about 4 minutes from my apartment. Get a pretty decent bagel and amazing cup of coffee and sit there for and hour and a half. I felt great. My 'manager' picks me up and takes 5 of us to appx 10 f'ing castings. Only one of these girls has worked in new york besides myself, and the rest of them really dont realize how easy they've got it. We are driven everywhere. And they bitch about the amount of castings they have, they bitch about having to take their book home, they bitch about everything. Uh. Lets try 10 castings in NYC why dont we? Where you will pay to be driven around by a cab that doesn't give a shit if you have 1 or 12498235 castings. Or lug your book *gasp* and heels *gasp gasp* and 2 liters of water *dies* all around manhattan and possibly a trip or two to williamsburg if your lucky, and then get in that amazing van and vegetate all day.

Yeah. They're flapping gums got old very quickly. =)

I finshed my day at 9pm. Im moving out of this craphole on monday into an apartment with two girls. Im by myself right now, but that is severely overrated when the place stinks and you dont know where anything is.

I did see a dude pissing on the side of the street. Im still waiting to find undies in vending machines. I have been invited into a strip club, had I not been by myself I would've gone.

Tomorrow starts at the agency where my measurements will be taken. But I'm not sweating it. Measurements never scare me. har har har

new york city iphotoshoot.

digi cam soon. like this weekend. promise.


Susanna said...

Wow, that phone looks about 50 years old.

Good luck finding a new, better apartment!

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say the phone is hilarious...stay strong Tay! Your book is amazing though...I'm sure you'll get something fast. That Nylon cover should help a lot.

Modelizer said...

I love you! I hope you get adjusted quickly.

Stop smoking so much. Does their McDonalds take phone orders too? haha :p


Anonymous said...

oh gosh, that apartment looks like a dorm room! ugh good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

ok this is sarah from livejournal.

since i cant be in tokyo youre living it for me

anyway the underpants vending machines apparently are near the red light district

apparently they pop up everywhere
and they have a little picture of the lower half of who was wearing them?????

anyway their mostly around Kabukicho

Good luck

Anonymous said...

oh wow, i'm already obsessed with your blog.

Bigmandm said...

Go find one of those tiny Hotels i've seen on TV....Holding one of the fish from the fish market in one hand and an underground PS3 game in the other, take a photo for proof.....Then find a Sumo wrestler and......

Anonymous said...

good luck with everything beautiful girl. youre so determined to live your dreams even though you bump into the shitty parts life throws at us, trying to ruin the wonderful amazing moments. live in those moments when you enjoy yourself and feel happy. grab those moments. and keep up your goodwork, even though everything we do is half wonderful half annoyance and bullshit..youll be fine. enjoy japan. its just one other experience u can see!


Nicole said...

This reminds me of Lost in Translation, sort of.

Much luck with everything. Although you don't need it, you're killah.

Anonymous said...

man that post 2 before mine was cheeeeesy!!!

but, i do really like the bunny pic ^_^

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this ;) yay for indoor smoking... that's pretty wild.

E said...

ugh can't remember my sign on. lol

anyway I come by tFS all the time, but unfortunately I can't join because I don't know anyone else on it. Ugh.

So I love your thread and just wanted to support you by coming by. So sorry about the whining bitches. I hate when people who don't know how lucky they are still complain.

Keep up the positive vibes.


Genevieve said...

Hey Tay!! It's Genevieve. Just wanted to let you know I am reading!!

Edgar said...

Love reading your blog, you're soooo cool girl! Good luck in Japan!

Anonymous said...

catherine/nativegirl from livejournal. Glad to hear you made it safe, but sorry to hear your housing situation is shady. Good luck!

I laughed at the men in the internet cafe "you-know-whating".

Also that's shitty about your boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

your livejournal friends should stop passing judgment on me. it's out of line.