Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Okie dokie.

So the days are flying by a little too quickly. Its hard to pick one day apart from the others because I do the same thing everyday. My body is on quite a schedule making sure I get up at like 8am. Castings all day in that damn van. If I dont start working soon Im going to;
a. have a hissy fit.
b. go home.

because, Im here to make money. And If I dont book a certain amount of jobs in the first month, then my contract pretty much dissolves. I'm already almost to my 2nd week, halfway into the first month and no jobs. Everyone is all like, calm the fuck down taylor you will work. But its not just about working, its about booking those jobs in the first month so my $$contract$$ doesn't become void.

I spent a week looking for a camera. Everything was a little more expensive than I thought it would be. Everything is more expensive because apparently its more advanced. Long story short, I got a camera.

Long story short, now I dont know what the fuck to take pictures of...?! ?!?!?!?!?! HELP. I haven't had a digital camera in years. I feel really out of my element as stupid as that sounds.

So I guess I'll just start with pictures of shit, because reading is boring.

Starting in the present tense. Drinking age in tokyo is 20. I think. Well. There's all sorts of fun drinks in the 7-11s. So I bought one to unwind. Fuzzy navel. Its too sweet but it burns a little, and might get me tipsy. So Im updating before Im rolling around my apartment alone. haha. Hi mom. Hi Michael and marcy. If its legal I can't apologize. Im enjoying tokyo, ne?

Where to start, where to start?

Women only sign for women only car on subways. Women only for two hours in the morning on weekdays. I can only assume this is because of the men that fondle school girls on their way to class in the am. Thoughts?

But tonight it was full of dudes. I love how in Tokyo people fall asleep just about anywhere, especially on the train. I saw two girls sleeping at mcdonalds... but i didnt have a camera at the time.

The subway cars are pristine! Tokyo-ites have such a great sense of pride and respect, they dont leave garbage anywhere. Not even cigarette butts, most people have personal ashtrays to put the butts in. Its great.

Subway entrance, a lot less confusing than it looks.

my pathetic map. almost a lot less confusing than it looks.

Cigarette machines!!!! YAY!

Tokyo also really loves illustrations of fake foliage or flowers or landscapes on construction sights. *giggle.

This is the van. This is Aki. Aki takes us on all of our castings and puts up with our bullshit. Have to love her. Look at that face.

Watari, I have no idea if that is spelled correctly, playing Aki at one of our castings. At this particular casting they gave us coffee. I was kind of psyched at already over coffeed by that point in the day. Totally wired by the time we left.

I think this is in Shinjuku where I bought my camera. This popped my camera cherry. How tourist-y of me.

Bar ber. Barber. Get it? Something that would appear on a g rated or whatever that amazing website is.

This... thing is a across the street from the agency. It took me forever to figure out what it was... I now know. Do you see it?

Claw machine thing. With really weird stuffed bananas;

Seriously though, does this make sense to anyone? This was on the outside of the claw game.

After the claw game I passed a sex shop! YEAAAH! I've been waiting for this since I got here. I mean, I didn't have the camera when I went into the sex shop for the first time. I wish I did. I bought some amazing presents. But there was no way I was going back in there. They already thought I was crazy because of what I asked for....hehe Never tell.

I was trying to talk with one of the models about this, but she just thought I was nuts. I really love the sex oriented stuff here. Everything is very girlie. All animated and pretty and pastel. TOTALLY unlike the states where the girls are hardbodied and shiny. But what I dont understand is how this appeals to men? I mean, its totally screaming FEMALE to me. Whatever.

Most sex shops carry latex suits or french maid or whatever. But in tokyo we get marlboro menthol outfits. If I had friends and were going to a halloween party, I totally would've wore this. Japansters LOVE their menthols! WOO!

Weird food requests.

Anything bicycle related reminds me of my manager michael. Anything schwin related reminds me of my boyfriend.

Boring view from my apartment. Not to mention I'm pretty sure everyone can see into my window. So. Shitty view and pervs are why I keep my shades closed.

Everything I've bought for my apartment has been pink. Its really odd.

Oh hey nylon tshirt. I sure do wear a shirt with my face on it to bed.

Pink outfit. This is how I feel I look at castings. Petrified. Confused. BORED.

Totally fucking obsessed with these moisturizing face mask things. Only supposed to use them twice a week. I look forward to those days.

Found out today that I live on top of a graveyard. I wish it was a better photo. It gave me the super creeps when I saw it. This girl told me to take the stairs if I didn't believe here. AHH! SO CREEPY.

Yesterday I spent a lot of money on groceries and made myself alfredo. Holy moly it was good.

And what the hell is the point of a camera if im not going to have photoshootings with myself.

That took forever. And choto random. Sorry. Better pictures soon when Im in a better mood. Im so over this casting crap. Back to my fuzzy navel.



// said...

y a y for cigarette machinez ..!

...theyre miserable bruised bananas at work. i think? your eyebrows are so symmetrical wowwww i just noticed youre wearing a shirt with your face on it haha 6 cool points for you

&&&no worries.. youll get jobs ;) still plenty of time

Danni said...

I want a fuzzy navellll.
What moisturising face mask do you use?
And lippy lips across from the agency!

Anonymous said...

im enjoying the blog because a) you're a cool cat and b) i may be in asia soon for modeling but nothing is planned yet. so it's nice to atleast read a REAL model's experience over there in truth.

good luck, you'll snag somethin' soon, or else those japanese just don't know what somethin' good is even if it hits them in the face.

Edgar said...
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Edgar said...

Wow! So many photos, lovin'it!
What about the Tokyo nightlife, have you gone to any club there?

Bigmandm said...

Nice update and photos....I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Japan since the time I read "Culture shock".

Have you eaten anything weird yet?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll book a ton of jobs at once...your book has to be better than more than half the models in your position.

Catherine said...

Love your (Ray bans?) glasses in the first pic.

Also, personal ash trays?? I bet they have some really cute ones, lol.

Get a job!!! Good luck!

Catherine said...

P.S. what is that "onna petto (girl pet)"? Is it a doll or something?

Sheri said...

are those lips across from the agency? I'm sure you'll book something..I do remember how G felt though overseas with time running out and no bookings....not a good feeling.
Love all the pictures

E said...

i'm loving your blog photobooth photos or digital...


Lola la la said...

you should book a job soon,
you're work's been amazing!

& there must be a bunch of crazy fashionistas you can take photos of. or more odd foodz.

lol. i'm still waiting for underwear in a vending machine :]

Holly said...

Have you come across one of those super-duper high-tech Japanese toilets? I hear they have toilets there with music and all sorts of other whistles and bells. Of all things, I ask about toilets. whatever.

Michael said...

I WANT one of those Bananas!!!
Maybe the really evil looking ;( one...Please?

Modelizer said...

I'm proud that you figured out the camera on your own! If you need any help, you know who to ask ;) Not that you don't have like 54523234 people to ask. hahaha


Anonymous said...

cmon look at where you are.enjoy it!seriously,stop complaining.

taylorintokyo said...

Im very much allowed to complain about not working. Im here to work. Im very grateful that I'm in tokyo, but I dont want to leave here being in debt. Would anyone? ^_^

// said...

no ..i can see why youre complaining. i would too, i mean that is what youre there for...? to work.

o ya &&&eat some sushi! (california roll) than you can tell us how much you hated it.. or liked it?

sasha said...

have you asked if you're on option for anything yet?


there's an amazing pasta place a couple of blocks from your house. okay. maybe not amazing, but i loved it. its called PopoloMama... its on some small street on the right hand side when you're walking towards roppongi. looks italian. i suggest meandering to jonathans or dennys at somepoint as well, DRINK BAR!

Anonymous said...

why are all your photos cut in half?

Anonymous said...

Wait. So there are a bunch of people buried ... in your basement? And there's a big bunch of mf'ing TOMBSTONES just chilling by your stairs? Holy shit.

That would definitely make me want a fuzzy navel.

Anonymous said...

what moisturizing face mask do you recommend? :)

Anonymous said...

i like the one where you look like isa

bird said...

love the camera...I have the same one. <3 Casio!

Genevieve said...

mmm your pasta made me hungrrryy. im lovin your blog

Anonymous said...

what are those facial mask called I've been looking for them eveerrryy where!!

龍彦 said...

very interesting pics, how about Tokyo. be pleasure.

Anonymous said...

if you like tokyo, i think you would love taipei. you should go as it is such a short flight from japan.

love your blog, its wonderful to read the ins and outs of a top model.